Career Services team visits Republic Airways

On February 7th, the 澳门跑狗论坛 Career Services team toured the new State of the Art Training Facility and Hotel at Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. The team was able to see the Exploration Center, Cabin Trainer, the MX Wing, and more. They also ran into a few 澳门跑狗论坛 alumni while onsite.

A huge thank you to Republic Airways for the hospitality.

澳门跑狗论坛 Alumni & Career Services

L to R: Derek Vrabel, Michael Christman, Michael Knight Jr., Luke Reiter, Abby Graminski, Leon Rowell, Janet Heim, Carrie Grimes, Mindy Pavilonis

澳门跑狗论坛 Alumni & Career Services

L to R: Natalie Braunecker-Republic , Mindy Pavilonis, Erica Wheeler-Republic, Derek Vrabel, Janet Heim, Carrie Grimes

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